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MHT Housing
Creating a Property Management Solution

The Challenge

MHT Housing is the largest developer of low-income housing in Michigan. Their noble mission is to provide high-quality housing for low-income families and seniors in Michigan, and to reverse the history of neglect in many urban areas.

Managing over 100 properties across a large geographic region is daunting. We were tasked with easing this burden by creating not just a place to showcase properties to prospective tenants, but to give their current residents an easy way to get concerns to the relevant property manager and for employees of the organization to have a centralized location for training & employment material protected behind a login.

The Solution

Three Separate Sites. One Backend.

Even though they needed three separate sites for each of their branded identities, we wanted to make updating their properties simple for the management companies. We developed a streamlined content management system that allows their team to add and modify properties in one place and push it out to either Continental Management or MHT Management.

Advanced Search Features

Our team built out an advanced search bar for the two property management sites (Continental Management & MHT Management). This search bar allows prospective residents the ability to filter properties based on a variety of features and amenities.

Another interesting thing we built into the search functionality was giving property managers the ability to specify which cities they wanted their property to show up for in search results. Real estate is all about location and not all locations are equally desirable. Sometimes a city has more in common with a city that's further away than one right on its border. Rather than simply showing the closest results to a users search, we are able to show properties that are more likely to appeal to the type of area that the prospect is looking for.

Limited Permissions & Employee Resources

MHT has hundreds of employees across the country who need to adjust property details on the site on a relatively frequent basis. Our team created custom user types so that employees can login and revise property information but nothing else on the website. We also developed a pseudo-intranet that allows their staff to login and access critical employment documents and training resources.

Resident Resources

Priding themselves on providing their residents with an elevated standard of living, MHT expressed an interest in having their sites provide additional value for their residents. Our team built out unique resident resource pages for each property with critical pieces of information unique to each community. We also built a custom maintenance request feature that allows the resident to submit a maintenance/fix-it request to the manager for their specific community.

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Hunch Free is not just your ordinary marketing firm. They are a balance of artists & scientists who have the utmost creative vision. They take on every project as if it was their own & the results are remarkable. It is hard to find a partner whom you can trust & rely on to come through on everything that they say.

Chintan Pathak, VP of Marketing

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The final product we delivered to MHT is three stunning sites that function with an elegant simplicity on the backend. The new sites and backend have empowered their staff to take control of their digital information, simplified their internal business processes, provided their residents and prospects with increased value, and saved their employees a massive amount of time per month.

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