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Easterseals MORC

A campaign uniting a non-profit with Michigan's Superheroes

Easterseals Michigan Non-Profit

The Challenge

Easterseals MORC (formerly Easterseals Michigan) has been helping individuals with disabilities and their families since 1920—providing the tools, counseling and treatment needed to help them live better lives. Such a noble venture calls for a passionate team whose mission is to make a difference in the world.

ESM approached us to help them in the creation of a recruitment and retention campaign focused on celebrating company culture, highlighting the organization’s values and communicating why these dedicated individuals should join their team.


Easterseals MORC









Impressions for the videos on ESM social channels


Leads from the microsite to their job board


Site visits from ESM’s organic social


Engagement rate on the ESM microsite

How We Helped

  • Site Design
  • Creative Support
  • Development
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Campaign Direction
  • Video Production
  • Illustration

ESM Employees, or Superheroes in Disguise

A core goal of this project was to help ESM’s employees feel like the superheroes they are! We needed to create a campaign that current employees could get behind and potential candidates could identify with. And so, the “Be the Change” campaign was born.

Through creative storytelling and strategic design, we were able to create a cohesive campaign that felt connected to the ESM mission—no matter the medium—giving the nonprofit the tools they needed to effectively reach their target audience.

Easterseals Staff

Telling Impactful Stories Through Video & Photography

We interviewed several individuals connected to ESM to gain a strong understanding of what makes the organization so special. By speaking with a variety of people, from behavior technicians & case managers to service ambassadors and the CEO, we were able to capture high-quality stories to craft a series of videos to support the campaign’s initiative.

“With the help of their high-caliber team, they exceeded our expectations with amazing products! We were impressed with their creativity and project management. Highly recommend!”

– Regan Goldberg, SVP & CDO Easterseals MORC

Easterseals Michigan Hiring Video

Easterseals MORC - Be The Change Video. To watch all three, visit our Vimeo.

Bringing a New Energy to the Easterseals Brand

Having a campaign-specific microsite that visitors could learn about the culture, benefits & perks was vital to the success of the campaign. It was our goal to use the fresh, energetic branding of Easterseals in conjunction with modern web standards to effectively keep visitors engaged no matter the device.

Header Typography

ESM site styling

Body Typography

ESM site styling

The microsite gave ESM the room it needed to properly tell their story.

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It was imperative that we complemented the National organization’s established brand while ensuring the microsite felt energetic, was easy to navigate and effectively illustrated the culture that ESM has worked so hard to cultivate for its employees.

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