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A Custom Software Solution that Modernized a 3rd-Gen Business


The Challenge

Weingartz is one of the largest outdoor equipment dealers in Michigan, serving homeowners and businesses for decades. In addition to selling quality equipment, a large part of what makes them so successful is their repair service. After spending over 20 years dealing with a rigid ERP system and filling out redundant paperwork, Weingartz came to us looking for a custom software solution to efficiently manage and track the repair side of the business.





How We Helped

  • Research
  • Development
  • Software Design
  • App Design & Dev
  • Discovery
  • Prototyping
Weingartz System - customer input

An existing process that wasn’t going to cut it

Managing equipment repairs involves tracking parts and labor, warranty details, prior work orders, service performance and much more. Despite the heavy amount of customizations their team had made to the system, it was still unable to follow their unique workflow, resulting in wasted time, redundant tasks and a poor user experience. Weingartz first looked into off-the-shelf solutions but found that, just like their existing system, whatever they chose they’d have to sacrifice what they wanted for their team and customers.

Since their existing ERP software was so integral to the rest of their business, we needed to build a solution that not only effectively handled the hundreds of repair orders coming into their multiple locations every day, but also integrated directly with their other business software systems. This required real-time syncing between customer records, equipment history, warranty status, customer invoicing and more.

Weingartz Wireframe

Identifying redundancies to streamline business processes

As with all of our large projects, we needed to develop an in-depth understanding of their business processes to build the right solution. We went through an investigative phase with Weingartz by interviewing people at all levels within the organization who work with service repairs. As we began to understand the functionality needed and the reasoning behind why certain workflows existed, we were able to start creating the system’s wireframes. Throughout this process, we helped identify redundancies, critical features and unique user types needed, as well as streamline steps in the repair process that were previously overlooked.

We were able to provide Weingartz with a true sense of what the improved process would be like and helped them identify additional needs to take their repair business to the next level.

With the system’s user interface and workflows established, our team started on the interactive prototype—a phase that is integral for design feedback and user testing. It was through this particular phase that Weingartz discovered the need for additional features such as an employee database, effective reporting and data not previously collected.

Weingartz Prototype
Weingartz system - dashboard

Ensuring a seamless transition to the new system

As the prototype phase came to a close, our development team got to work with bringing the design to life and connecting it to a test database copied from the existing ERP. Since we had to integrate the new system with multiple live systems that were in constant use by the organization, we worked closely with their team to ensure all data updates functioned seamlessly. 

Once the software was fully built and tested, we migrated decades of existing data into the new system and ran it through a series of additional tests so that we could roll everything out to a live environment with minimal business interruptions.

The end result is a modern software solution that has provided their team with a custom interface design, purposeful workflows and an overall better experience for their employees and customers.

“Hunch Free’s level of commitment to a quality product was apparent from the very first meeting to now. Almost everyone was trained within 2-3 weeks and have said that this new system is significantly better. It has been the best technology deployment we’ve ever had.”

Dan Weingartz, Owner

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