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We Aren't Your Typical Agency.
We're Creative Problem Solvers and Data Scientists.

Hunch Free is more than just a digital marketing agency.

We use data science and creativity to solve complex business problems. We have a proven track record of identifying the correct audience, determining their key motivators, and then crafting a message that resonates with them to improve conversions.

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Fix your digital marketing issues

If you don't know what's wrong,how can you fix it?

Issues like not enough site traffic or social followers, are usually symptoms of a bigger issue. If you don’t know the root problem, how can you expect to fix it? Well, that's where we come in.

We'll help identify the source of your problem, we'll then create a strategic solution that resonates with and motivates the correct audience.

We stay immersed in your data, evaluating the user experience and continuously optimizing for better results.

More than just a digital marketing agency

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Some Brands that Trust Us

Belle Tire
Comcast Business Class
Earnst and Young
Macomb County
Eastern Michigan University
Made In Detroit
Sav-Mor Drug Stores
Fairmont Supply
Business Leaders For Michigan
Bad Brads BBQ
  • Simply put, Hunch Free is fantastic. A wonderfully creative group that has the technical capabilities to take your initiative to the next level. Frankly our F-35 campaign would be nowhere without them. We cannot say enough great things about them.

    John Paul Rea, Director of Planning & Economic Development

    Macomb County

  • Hunch Free has been a tremendous advertising partner for the Michigan Region Comcast Business Class team. Due to Hunch Free's forward thinking and results oriented approach, we launched a successful vertical campaign which doubled our direct mail response rate. They also helped us improve our grass roots marketing efforts with local chambers and associations. They are very creative, flexible and willing to measure results.

    Julie Kraemer, Marketing Manager

    Comcast Business Class

  • Working with the team at Hunch Free was a great way to increase organic searches on our website and drive conversion rates upward. We were surprised to see how the recommendations they offered made such a large impact in user experience and more hits on the site. What we like the most was the knowledge they brought to the table in all aspects of web design and development and their ability to enhance our existing software designs.

    Matt Babko, Director of Information Technology

    Fairmont Supply

  • Working with Hunch Free is a fantastic experience. They're an insightful, collaborative and highly skilled team that assessed our organization’s needs to re-imagine our website. As a non-profit, it's essential to clearly communicate our message while quickly engaging potential donors. Hunch Free was able to create a new website that captures the essence of and vision for our brand, and their ongoing maintenance and analytic reporting is allowing us to maximize our online presence. I would absolutely recommend Hunch Free.

    Danialle Karmanos, Founder

    Kids Work It Out

  • I most certainly would recommend Hunch Free for anyone who is looking for a company to help them develop their social media and marketing presence. If you’re looking for someone who is creative, does a great job creating atmosphere, conversations, and buzz I would recommend Hunch Free. If you’re looking for a company that does a fantastic job of reporting those results so you can actually physically see the progress you're making, I would also recommend Hunch Free.

    Ted Coutilish, Associate Vice President

    Eastern Michigan University

  • Hunch Free redesigned my companies website driving up customer traffic and inquiries. Hunch Free's ability to exceed customer expectations in real-time has created a customer for life. Thank you Hunch Free!

    Michael Newell, Vice President of Commercial Operations

    Plasan Carbon Composites

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