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Gleaners Virtual Food Drive

Helping a Southeast Michigan favorite take their virtual presence to the next level

The Challenge

Gleaners Community Food Bank approached us to redefine & modernize their virtual food drive experience. Working closely with the southeast Michigan donation giant, we were able to create a clean, responsive platform for users to easily make donations without leaving home.


Gleaners Virtual Food Drive




How we helped

  • Research
  • Site Design
  • Development
  • Content Audit
  • Hosting & Maintenance

Aligning purpose & Functionality

Feeding families in need is what drives Gleaners and the volunteers they collaborate with daily. That’s why it was so important for their virtual food drive to get a complete overhaul in order to be an accurate reflection of the brand’s passion. Aside from the logo, the previous virtual drive felt disconnected from the Gleaner’s brand. It was outdated and difficult to navigate on mobile devices, which made up over 50% of their site traffic. In addition, the shopping cart component was managed on an unsecure network, causing visitors to question the safety of their information and the validity of site.

The site was created to allow visitors the ability to select items that are available at a discounted rate, giving donors more bang for their buck.

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It also meant that donors didn’t have to go searching through their cupboards for canned goods; with a few clicks of a button they could be easily making a difference in the lives of a Southeast Michigan family.

Gleaners was also in need of a place to host fundraising competitions with the ability to show real-time progress toward a financial goal, as well as a small level of page customization for fundraising hosts.

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“The Hunch Free Team provided outstanding communication and support—helping us create a much-improved website for our donors.” – Gleaners Community Food Bank

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