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LaFata Cabinets
Custom Cabinet Company Revamps Their Entire Digital Presence

The Challenge

LaFata Cabinets is an old school custom cabinet maker based in Metro Detroit. Although their cabinet work is the best around, their website and online presence left a lot to be desired. When your business is making homes more beautiful, you need a way to showcase that work for others to see.

We were brought in to not only fix the website, but to really break down the entire business process and improve everything from lead collection and management, to email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), PPC campaigns, social media management and more. When done well, all of these things work together to provide a more cohesive digital presence resulting in a better user experience and more revenue for the business.



Organic Search Engine Traffic


Expanded Facebook Audience Size


Boosted Social Engagement


Promotional Email Click Rate

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The Solution

Business Process Audit

When the goal of our client is to get more business in the door, everything starts with a business process audit. We know we can deliver more traffic, but too many businesses don't make the most of the traffic they have and the result is wasted opportunity. So our first step is to sit in a room with key stakeholders and sales people to determine how things are currently done, and to determine areas for improvement.

One of the key issues we identified is that due to the time-intensive nature of building custom cabinets, there were gaps in the post-sales process where customers didn't know the status on their cabinets. After the initial client contact comes scheduling home measurements, developing CAD drawings, getting client revisions, repeating the process until there is a final approval, and then the process of building these hand-crafted custom cabinets begins.

Email Marketing (Drip)

This entire process can take weeks, and although customers are told up front they get antsy and want to know where their cabinets are. This presents a customer support problem as clients burden staff with calls and emails, and it can leave a negative impression as well. Solving that issue was paramount, so we developed an automated Drip Marketing campaign based off of their entire sales -> delivery process.

We developed specific triggers in their process that would automatically send out email updates to customers so that they know exactly where their cabinets are in production. This allows the customer to relax and be happy in a normally stressful situation, while unburdening sales staff from answering the same questions over and over again. Then we put together a strategy for a promotional newsletter to keep their former and current customers engaged with the brand.

New Website - Fully Responsive & Better Organized

The next step was to look at that analytics data and determine how customers were using the site. This post-click analysis drives key structural decisions when determining how best to organize a website. Once we mapped out a proper site structure, we went to work on the sales copywriting to pay off the photography of the custom cabinets.

With the significant changes to the sales copy and the site navigation, we ensured that we were optimized well for search engines like Google and Bing. Proper SEO goes far beyond basic keyword research, and the results are far more visitors finding the site now - a 122% increase from the same period last year.

Finally, we developed a custom ideaboard on the new website that enabled users to save ideas from their website and send it to sales people on the floor. When a customer goes in to the showroom, the sales staff can pull up the customers ideaboard and see exactly what the customer has in mind and guide them through the sales process. This can save the salespeople an hour or more per customer!

Social Media Management & The Art of Communication

Another area we worked on is managing the social media channels for the client. For a business that produces visually stunning cabinets for the home - Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz are all natural social media platforms to showcase the work and communicate with customers. Doing so requires more than just posting pictures, it's vital to know the client voice to be able to communicate effectively. When done well, this results in brand advocates who help you sell your products and services.

Finally, we worked with the client to develop packaging and promotional material for delivery with the end product. The process of remodelling a kitchen or bathroom can be a stressful one, and most people just want it to be over. What better gift with a new kitchen, than a new cutting board! So we designed packaging for a client-branded cutting board to be delivered at final install. That may seem like product placement (and it is), but it serves as a pleasant reminder that continues to indirectly communicate with the customer long after the sale has been made.

PPC & Display Advertising

This client had been running a PPC campaign and some display advertising placements on autopilot for years. We took a look at the Analytics and were able to show them that they were wasting money on unprofitable campaigns. We shut down the display campaigns that were losing money, and we rebuilt a new PPC campaign that made use of the new landing pages, tighter geotargeting, better ad copy and a stronger bid strategy to bring in more converting traffic, for less money.

The team at Hunch Free goes above and beyond for their clients. They bring fresh ideas and creativity to their work, and are positive and upbeat. We have been very happy working with Hunch Free!

Danielle Krause, Director of Marketing

LaFata Cabinets


The end result of the new website was a 122% increase in search engine traffic and a far higher conversion rate on that traffic. The new ideaboard also resulted in better communication with the customers and an easing of the workload on sales staff. Additionally, the revamped social media strategy lead to a 350% increase in their Facebook audience, a 427% increase in their social engagement. Finally, we were able to squeeze out an 80% improvement in their click through rate for promotional emails. This was a perfect example of a client that came to us with one perceived problem, and by the time we were done we identified the real issues and delivered massive improvements on every front.

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