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Kutzall eCom Promo
Unreal eCom Conversions from a Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

The Challenge

As Kutzall's retained marketing agency (a tool company with an eCommerce website), we are no strangers to the dreaded "Black Friday - Cyber Monday" season. Historically, the Black Friday through Cyber Monday promotions that we produced for Kutzall would boost all pertinent metrics (conversions, revenue, sessions, reach, etc.) significantly.

However, we approached the 2017 Black Friday season with one, internally motivated goal in mind - break all historical records.



Revenue Increase


eCommerce Conversion Rate Increase


Revenue From Social Media Increase


Abandoned Checkouts Recovered

Keep Reading to Find Out How We Did It!

The Solution

Make It Time Sensitive

Looking at previous years’ performance data, we realized there was no sense of urgency with the sale (20% off for 4 days). Inspired by the phrase "the early bird gets the worm", we added one critical day to the sale - Thanksgiving. For 24-hours only, we would give a slightly larger discount as a way of "giving thanks" to their customers. We would then back the 24-hour promotion (30% off) with the standard sale 4-day sale (20% off). The initial sale would entice tire-kickers to take action by penalizing them with a smaller discount the longer they wait.

Keep It Simple

Due to some limitations with their eCommerce platform, all promotional discounts required customers to manually enter a promo code. Based on our experience with usability, we knew we needed to find a workaround - unnecessary complexity on a blanket promotion would stifle conversions. Our web team discovered a creative way to automatically apply a promo code to all transactions, removing the checkout barrier."

Expand Our Reach

A well-designed promo will fail miserably without proper communication - we needed to get the word out. Kutzall's VP reached out to a few woodworking magazines and was able to get them to promote the sale through their email list. We also developed our own comprehensive communication strategy that would roll out in the days leading up to the sale utilizing social media, Kutzall’s email list, and a network of social influencers.

Improved Social Content

Looking at the performance of previous promotional social content, we decided to make some adjustments. For every channel, we created enticing graphics that leveraged stunning lifestyle photography that would grab the attention of our target audience. Knowing that newsfeeds would be cluttered with promotional content on the day sales, we utilized graphics with subtle motion elements that would catch the eye.

Email Content

From a look-and-feel standpoint, our email content followed suit with our social content, giving it a polished "brand". The key difference in our strategy was to email our customer base early (one week before the sale), and generate interest before any dollars were spent. We also created strategic reminder emails at key times throughout the week to encourage tire kickers and forgetful shoppers to take action.

Abandonment Issues

As most eCommerce companies know, abandoned checkouts are a painful issue. You can almost feel that money flying out of your pocket. We looked at abandoned checkouts as low hanging fruit to increase revenue. We modified the website to send an to email people who put items in their cart one hour after they "abandoned" it. The email reminded them they had limited time save money on the items still in their cart.

Hunch Free invests the time necessary to become deeply rooted in understanding our business and connecting with our customers. They are an essential branch of our sales and marketing team that has allowed us to turn roundtable ideas into exponential results.

Mike Oliver, Vice President



The 2017 Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday Season came and went and the results of our efforts spoke for themselves. We broke all historical records... Big league. With virtually no money spent on media buys or ad placements, we accomplished incredible results.

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