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B2B Conversion Optimization Generates a 600% Increase in Leads

The Challenge

ePrize used our Conversion Optimization process to transform their website from an online portfolio into a highly effective source of new business.

It’s not always easy to ask for help when you’re the global leader in an interactive industry and you already have a great looking website. The marketing leadership at ePrize realized the value of having an outside perspective; our proven Conversion Optimization process was implemented to restructure ePrize.com with the goal of increasing lead generation.

The Solution

Business Goals

When ePrize was approached they had a number of goals in mind that their new site needed to address:

  • Drastically increase the number of leads that the website generates.

  • Allow for the simple management of content through the use of a Content Management System (CMS).

  • Introduce technology that would allow ePrize to increase its online reach, such as an integrated blog and RSS feeds for frequently-updated content.


A number of unique challenges can be associated with the creation of a website focused on lead generation for a complex business-to-business offering. They include the level of previously-acquired knowledge that the website visitor has about the product, the qualification of prospective customers.

As the level of product complexity increases, so does the amount of supporting information that the user needs, and the importance of carefully planned navigation and site structure.

This required meetings with individuals from ePrize’s sales, marketing, and strategy departments to be able to architect a solution that provided information to users with unique approaches.

Using the new architecture, visitors can choose to browse information related to the results that ePrize solutions generate (Increased Leads, Brand Engagement, Consumer Education, etc), or information related to how specific types of promotions work (Sweepstakes, Instant Wins, Advergames, etc).

The solution provides clearly defined calls-to-action on each page that drive users towards supporting information (a Portfolio section, and Case Studies), and an easy to use Get Started form that visitors use when they’re ready to begin the process of creating an interactive promotion.

We had the opportunity to work with Hunch Free to build a video that we use to showcase our culture and I’ll tell you it has been great, it’s on our site, we send it to potential customers, we even send it when we’re recruiting. We have a very complex, fun, high energy culture here at ePrize and it’s not easy to capture that in a short film. We were so impressed not only by the professionalism, but the creativity that Hunch Free brought to the table, to bring our culture to life, and we’re very proud of it so if someone wants to know; what are you guys all about? How do you think? How do you operate? The first thing we do is send them the ePrize culture cast that was produced by Hunch Free.

Josh Linkner, Founder, Chairman & former CEO



During the first 30 days after launching, the new information architecture and redesign of ePrize.com led to an increase of 600% in web-generated leads.

The integration of the custom Content Management System gives the ePrize Marketing team complete and immediate control of the content displayed on the website. Simple changes such as news article, job opening, and portfolio additions are made in minutes as opposed to weeks.

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