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Hunch Free has been building websites since its earliest days, and we’ve expanded our development expertise into software, mobile apps and much more. Other companies may be limited to building basic websites or outsource complicated development projects, but our team of in-house developers is capable of developing every type of digital solution based on your specific needs.

Although we’re experts in the digital realm, our process is never as simple as, “Here’s your website.” Every development project begins with a series of conversations about your business, the demands of your industry and the challenges you face. These insights are pivotal to creating a digital solution that solves your problem at its source. After identifying the issues at play and what needs to be fixed, then we build the solution.


We build websites. While that alone isn’t special, the way we do it most certainly is. We meet with the stakeholders of a business to determine what functionality is needed and any other concerns that need to be addressed. That’s when our team of developers and creatives can get to work building an exceptional website that hits the mark visually and functionally.

Websites can fulfill many different needs for an organization, and we’re well-versed in identifying and then building sites that perfectly suit your needs. This could include anything from a simple informational website, an eCommerce solution or something far more complex with multiple layers of integration. If you’ve seen something done online, we can do it.

Examples: Gleaners | ERS | JB Cutting

Mobile Apps

Android & iOS apps can be a great way to create an ever-present connection to your audience. Depending on your business, it might make sense to have a standalone app with all of the necessary functions within the app itself or a companion app that’s designed to work with another system, typically custom software or your website.

Companion apps make performing specific functions in a mobile environment easier, which might otherwise be too difficult in a large, robust system. These apps help prevent unauthorized usage through designated user accounts and let users access important functions wherever they have a phone and internet. Whether you need a standalone app to reach and engage with your customers or a companion app for your employees to simplify the use of internal systems, we can build it.

Examples: Discovering Romeo | Machine Hub | Weingartz

Custom Software

Larger organizations often find themselves in a situation where they have outgrown their existing website, backend software or both. Over the years, multiple systems get tacked on to achieve a specific function until it finally becomes a complicated mess that is too unwieldy and inefficient to be of any use. Untangling and simplifying these systems is where we do our best work.

Together with your team, we determine the necessary functionality and integrations and then build a modern user interface to simplify and streamline your workflows. Rather than forcing your business to make do with an off-the-shelf solution that has to be twisted and tweaked into something that “sort of works,” we build a backend tailored to your specific needs that works seamlessly with any other systems needed to run your business. The result is software that functions how you need it to and scales with your success.

Example Custom Software:
Weingartz | Hope Not Handcuffs

SaaS Platforms

Software as a Service (SaaS) is an increasingly popular business model that enables you to sell a license to your software on a subscription basis. It enables data to be accessed from any connected device and is generally designed as a B2B solution. Common examples are CRM’s, ERP’s, project management, payroll and accounting software, inventory systems and more.

Example SaaS Platforms:
Machine Hub | B-File case study