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Development Service Elements

Responsive Web Development

Responsive Web Development

Website Hosting & Maintenance

Website Hosting & Maintenance

CRM Development

CRM Development

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS)

App Development

App Development

Here at Hunch Free, we develop world class applications. Whether you’re looking for a responsive website, a mobile app, or a completely customized SaaS platform, we bring digital ideas to life.

Conversion Rate Up 300% | Leads Doubled - B2B Lead Gen Case Study


Service Elements Highlighted

  • Lead Optimization
  • App Development
  • CRM Development
  • Responsive Web Development
  • Photography
  • Usability Testing (UX)
  • Post Click Analysis
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • SEO & Local Search Optimization


Responsive website & app Case Study

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Nylok is one of those companies that the general public probably hasn't heard of, but everybody has used their products without even knowing it. As the leading innovator in the field of fastener technology, they've been awarded over 150 patents in a field that ensures the planes stay in the sky, your car stays on the road, and your smartphone doesn't fall apart.

We were brought in because their existing website was slow, hard to update and completely non-responsive on mobile devices leading to poor user engagement. At it's most basic level, the purpose of the site is to generate new business leads, so we needed to determine how customers in the industry preferred to consume product information, what their existing lead generation process was, and then help modify their process for collecting and disseminating those leads to the proper members of the sales team.




Responsive Website Development

First, we went through their existing website with their team and we looked at how it was being used. We knew that we needed to build a fully responsive website that would perform well on all size devices, but the first step was to decide what needed to stay and what needed to go. It's fairly common for a website to grow into a disorganized mess over time, and their site was no exception.

So we built a comprehensive information architecture that organized all of their product information, manufacturing specs, and other technical data into a cohesive and well organized structure. This ensured that the site would be easier to navigate and resulted in more traffic from the search engine optimization that was done.

We spent a lot of time digging into the traffic patterns and performance of their old website, and one of the things we discovered doing post-click analysis was that potential customers were having a hard time finding out where important information was and how to contact a member of the sales team to find out more.

In addition to the improvements in how the content was organized, we added large CTA buttons on all of the product pages and lo and behold leads started pouring in from the website like never before. Our persistent efforts in conversion optimization and UX testing lead to a website that is easy to use and one that generates leads like a well oiled machine.

iOS mobile app developed

A mobile app was developed to showcase their products

Mobile App Development

We were also tasked with building an iOS app for their team to be able to showcase their products at trade shows. We worked with their marketing director to determine what the mobile app should do, and then we went about shooting the product photography to be included in the app as it was being built.

With the added emphasis on mobile deep linking by Google, we ensured the product pages within the app were indexable so that searchers would be prompted to download the app and have it open to the corresponding product - like magic!

Custom CRM Development

Finally, we started the process of what to do with the leads when they come in. With the old website, they simply got an email notification that somebody filled out the contact form and then some poor soul on staff had to try and decipher the email and forward it on to some member of the sales team. This was highly inefficient and resulted in lost business as leads fell through the cracks. Monitoring performance over time was essentially impossible.

To solve this, we worked with them to map out their entire sales process, and then created a customized CRM solution to automatically collect all leads from the website and to notify the proper member of the sales team based on the type of lead that it was. As anybody who has worked with a CRM knows, having all of that historical data in one place makes sales much easier, and the result was an improved sales process for everyone involved.




Responsive Website Development case study results

The end result was a fully responsive, high performing website that works seamlessly with their custom CRM to collect and manage leads, as well as an app that really showcases the quality of their products. The numbers speak for themselves:

Goal completions on the website are up 238% and the conversion rate is up 303%!

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Custom SaaS Platform Built for Insurance Agency - Case Study


Service Elements Highlighted

  • Business Process Auditing
  • Brand Development
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • CRM Development
  • Responsive Web Development
  • Video / Motion Graphics
  • Copywriting
  • Usability Testing (UX)
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Email Marketing
Custom SaaS Platform Built - Case Study

We built a Custom SaaS Platform from the ground up


We were brought in by one of the highest producing insurance agents at Allstate, to build a custom Software as a Service (SaaS) platform since there was no existing automated system that enabled an agent to convert a regular insurance customer (think auto or homeowners) into a financial services customer.

The issue was this was all done with pen and paper and spreadsheets, making it all but impossible to scale up. To roll this out to other agents across the country, the system needed to be completely scoped out for all use cases, and available online as a subscription service accessible by any licensed agent worldwide.




Custom SaaS/CMS

We started off mapping out the process as it was being used by the lead agent who developed the system. However, in order to transform this system into something that could be used by others, we needed to completely map out all of the possible use case scenarios for all agents. There were also different user permissions needed based on agent type, so the entire system was built in a way that provided multiple levels of access and a different experience depending on user type.

This ended up being a rather complex process, since insurance is a highly regulated industry and every agent has their own sales approach that they use. We needed to ensure that the system architecture was optimized so that it could handle peak usage times. It also required a custom billing process to be developed to ensure subscribed agents weren't disconnected from all of their data should billing issues occur. Finally, we built in a real-time support system so that agents could resolve potential issues on the fly.

The system acts as an entire Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, with all of the client data and a complete history of all points of contact. It also features all of the call scripting that really makes up the heart of the B File sales process. This includes every possible answer that an agent might get from a customer, and then the appropriate response and/or follow-up process. With a built-in calendar and notification system this ensures that agents know exactly who they need to follow-up with and when, as well the best approach to take with the call.

Onboarding & Training

Once the system was built we needed to ensure agents knew how to use it. We developed an intuitive wizard that guides the various user types along when they first signed in to the system, to make the onboarding process painless. We also spent a lot of time on User Experience (UX) and set up a feedback system for new features to be voted on by the agents for future implementation. This had the added effect of making the users of the system feel like they had ownership in the platform and drastically increased user engagement.

Using Video To Tell the Story

We produced a ton of video for this project. This included everything from sales focused videos that are designed to explain to potential customers what the system does, to onboarding and training videos accessible from within the system that documented not just how to use the system but highlighted sales strategies for agents to follow.

Quality video production for this project was extremely important. Insurance is a complex thing, and agents have varying levels of technical knowledge and sales experience. We needed to script and produce sales videos that were effective in their messaging to potential customers of all levels, and the training videos needed to be done in a way that were clear and understandable for agents of all backgrounds. Finally, we needed to combine that with clear copywriting to ensure there wasn't a disconnect between the messaging in the videos and the contents of the website and system itself.

Email Drip Marketing

We developed an automated drip marketing email campaign with triggers for every action within the system. The entire sales process and onboarding logic was followed through into email to provide a secondary level of interaction with the users. All of the system notifications for customer follow-up were carried through in the form of email notifications. It ensured that agents never missed a client communication again. And with the in-depth reporting modules that we built in to the system, it enabled larger agents who had sub-producers working under them to monitor performance of their people.




The system has been a hit since it rolled out to agents across the nation. We didn't just build the platform, we developed the brand behind it. Post-launch, we used customer feedback and platform analytics to implement continual conversion optimization to increase revenue. The bottom line is the users love it and the results show that agents who use the system outproduce agents who don't. This system has revolutionized the industry and we expect it to continue to gain traction for our clients.

If you have a business process that you want automated, Get in touch with us and let's see if we can help.

What impressed me most about Hunch Free is how they listened to our needs and took the time to understand our business and industry.  They designed a website that truly sets us apart from our competitors and improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  The leads keep pouring in, and we couldn’t be happier.  I would recommend them to any company that wants to grow its business.
~Sarah Carlson - VP of Marketing & Business Development
Having a knowledgeable digital marketing agency that I can rely on is paramount for my practice. As a doctor and plastic surgeon I understand the value in consulting with the best minds in their respective fields. The awesome people at Hunch Free are my trusted digital marketing partners and have helped expand my business's online presence. From day-one, they’ve worked to gain a complete understanding of my practice and developed an effective digital marketing strategy to improve its online visibility.
~Michael H. Freedland M.D.
Dr. Freedland
Working with Hunch Free is a fantastic experience.  They're an insightful, collaborative and highly skilled team that assessed our organization’s needs to re-imagine our website. As a non-profit, it's essential to clearly communicate our message while quickly engaging potential donors. Hunch Free was able to create a new website that captures the essence of and vision for our brand, and their ongoing maintenance and analytic reporting is allowing us to maximize our online presence.  I would absolutely recommend Hunch Free.
~Danialle Karmanos - Founder
Hunch Free redesigned my companies website driving up customer traffic and inquiries. Hunch Free's ability to exceed customer expectations in real-time has created a customer for life. Thank you Hunch Free!
~Michael Newell, Vice President of Commercial Operations
Plasan Carbon Composites
Hunch Free is not just your ordinary marketing firm. They are a balance of artists & scientists who have the utmost creative vision. They take on every project as if it was their own & the results are remarkable. It is hard to find a partner whom you can trust & rely on to come through on everything that they say.
~Chintan Pathak, VP of Marketing
Marketplace Homes
Hunch Free didn't just build my company a website, they built a fully integrated e-commerce solution.  I was amazed when Hunch Free took the time to learn about my business, studied competitors and analyzed the market before even starting on the design.
~Jeff Stern - Owner
They clearly understood the distinct purposes of our website - external marketing and member amenities - and addressed them in unique ways, including providing security and privacy for member data.  And most importantly, they made the site something that we can manage ourselves and provided the training to get us more tech savvy - a real cost reduction that enables us to use technology without having onerous fees.
~Danny Uppleger, Marketing Manager
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