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Do you have the right data?

Do you have the right data? Invariably, when we ask this question our clients say "Yes!" But what they really have is Everybody has data. If you don't have the right data, and if you don't know what to do with that data, then you're going to get left behind.

Everything we do at Hunch Free revolves around data. We're data scientists. We eat, sleep and breathe Analytics. Dive in to a case study, check out our client testimonials, and then give us call. Let us show you what you've been missing.

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Data Science Service Elements

Analytics & Reporting

Analytics & Reporting

Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization

Post Click Analysis

Post Click Analysis

Usability Testing (UX)

Usability Testing (UX)

We provide a number of Data Science related services to our clients. We believe that if you don’t have the right data, you can’t make the right business decisions. Check out the case study below.

Conversion Rate Up 162% | Transactions up 350% - B2B Case Study

Fairmont Supply

Service Elements Highlighted

  • Copywriting
  • Usability Testing (UX)
  • Post Click Analysis
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • SEO & Local Search Optimization
SEO Case Study

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Fairmont Supply is a large industrial MRO company based out of Pennsylvania. We were brought in to determine why the website was not attracting enough traffic from search engines, and why the visitors that were coming to the site weren't converting.

This type of work was right in our wheelhouse, it involved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get more visitors to the website, and then Conversion Optimization, Usability Testing (UX) and Post-Click Analysis to convert more of those users into customers.


First Step = SEO Audit + UX Assessment

The first thing we did was perform an in-depth SEO audit of the website and a full-blown UX assessment of the entire shopping and checkout process. They were using an ERP by Infor, and this ERP acted as their frontend website/CMS as well as performing crucial backend business processes for inventory, order tracking etc. for the hundreds of thousands of products and variants in their system.

Our audit process uncovered a series of problems that were not only contributing to the lack of traffic from search engines, but which were having an impact on the usability of the website itself. This is fairly common with larger eCommerce sites and it's something that isn't always factored in when laying out how a site should be structured. These are foundational issues with a website and they have a tremendous impact on user experience and SEO.

Once we identified the issues we sat down with the team at Fairmont Supply and put together a plan of action. Even when using a hosted ERP, or where a business is otherwise limited in their ability to make changes to established business processes, there are many things that can be done to improve the usability of a website and conversion funnel leading to significant increases in revenue.

Search Engine Optimization

We made a lot of changes to the way products were organized into categories and subcategories on the site to improve site usability and search functionality on the site. We then went to work on copywriting to ensure the numerous category and subcategory content descriptions were optimized not just to improve traffic from search engines, but more importantly for site visitors. We also spent a lot of time implementing SEO best practices sitewide to ensure proper use of page titles, header tags, product and category image optimization, meta descriptions to improve search CTR and a host of other improvements.

Case study showing double traffic from Google

Traffic from Google more than doubled

This not only helped Google and Bing index their pages better, but it had the added benefit of improving the internal search function of the website itself.

It's fairly common for large eCommerce sites to suffer from duplicate content, and in fact to have the same product descriptions as competitors since these are often supplied by product vendors and entered into the system with no thought about how it affects SEO. We helped solve that problem as well and the results were staggering.

As you can see from the pie chart at the top of the case study, organic search traffic increased from the smallest source of traffic at just over 23%, to the largest source of traffic at almost 45%. Most importantly, we more than doubled the traffic coming from Google.

UX Testing and Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization case study

The financial results speak for themselves

We pride ourselves on understanding data, and an area we excel at is Post-Click Analysis. It's one thing to get more traffic to your website, but what you do with that traffic is even more important. For Fairmont Supply this involved a deep dive into the analytics on a regular basis. Through our ongoing analysis of their traffic we were able to determine based on site usage what changes needed to be made to the site in order to maximize sales and revenue.

Our process for Conversion Optimization included A/B testing and multivariate testing where possible as well as custom event tracking beyond standard eCommerce revenue goals. With our data analysis & testing process in place, we went to work making incremental improvements to the site.




Data Science case study results

The team at Fairmont Supply was great to work with. Our dream client is an organization that understands they have a problem, and who is open to making the necessary changes to fix the problem, and these guys were exactly that.

The end result was a website for our client that attracted far more traffic than ever before, and converted that traffic into sales at a significantly higher rate. This is what we do. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you too.

Working with Hunch Free is a fantastic experience.  They're an insightful, collaborative and highly skilled team that assessed our organization’s needs to re-imagine our website. As a non-profit, it's essential to clearly communicate our message while quickly engaging potential donors. Hunch Free was able to create a new website that captures the essence of and vision for our brand, and their ongoing maintenance and analytic reporting is allowing us to maximize our online presence.  I would absolutely recommend Hunch Free.
~Danialle Karmanos - Founder
The team at Hunch Free goes above and beyond for their clients. They bring fresh ideas and creativity to their work, and are positive and upbeat. We have been very happy working with Hunch Free!
~Danielle Krause - Director of Marketing
Lafata Cabinets
Working with the team at Hunch Free was a great way to increase organic searches on our website and drive conversion rates upward. We were surprised to see how the recommendations they offered made such a large impact in user experience and more hits on the site. What we like the most was the knowledge they brought to the table in all aspects of web design and development and their ability to enhance our existing software designs.
~Matt Babko, Director of Information Technology
Fairmont Supply
Hunch Free is a great team of professionals at the top of their game – in both science and art. Our project required complex yet pioneering creative thinking, fresh design concepts and a functional knowledge of metrics integration. As we anticipated, Hunch free delivered on all fronts and under a very compressed timeline – all the while exhibiting an easy-to-get-done work style. Always receptive of constructive feedback, Hunch Free’s output exhibited a great deal of thought and preparation – all of which contributed to a highly focused, pointed execution.
~Jeff Jorge, Director of Business Development Marketing
Hunch Free has been a tremendous advertising partner for the Michigan Region Comcast Business Class team.  Due to Hunch Free's forward thinking and results oriented approach, we launched a successful vertical campaign which doubled our direct mail response rate.  They also helped us improve our grass roots marketing efforts with local chambers and associations.  They are very creative, flexible and willing to measure results.
~Julie Kraemer, Marketing Manager
Comcast Business Class

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