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Completely Retooling A Tool Maker's Brand!

The Challenge

Kutzall tools is a manufacturer and distributor of quality carving tools that are handmade right down the road in Cottrellville, Michigan. They have been producing these world renowned tools for craftsmen for over 50 years. In terms of product development, customer service, and overall dedication to their craft - we couldn't have asked for a better client.

However, as is often the case with companies who do incredible work and have been in business for so long, Kutzall developed what we call "shoemaker's kids syndrome". They had focused so intensely on making the best tools possible for their customers that they didn't have time to focus on their own brand or keep up with all of the new advertising mediums or modern sales platforms. One day they realized that the Kutzall brand lacked a clear identity and that they were missing out on opportunities to leverage new platforms to reach new customers. Kutzall Reached out to us and we were so excited to help out!



Increase in Organic Traffic


of total revenue comes from Email Campaigns


Increase in Site Conversions


Increase in revenue since new branded material

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The Solution

Hunch Free worked tirelessly to develop a solid brand identity and completely re-tooled Kutzall’s imagery and tone. Like all of our services, before we launched photoshop, picked up a camera, or laid ink to paper we knew we needed to acquire and chew on some serious data.

After collecting 50 years worth of marketing collateral and conducting numerous customer insight discussions, we took all of these data points, plastered them across the walls of one of our dedicated War Rooms and got to analyzing!

We were able to create three unique customer personas and develop a creative content strategy that would appeal to each of those personas. Our strategy focused heavily on: Design & Layout, Photography, Video, and Copywriting.

Design & Layout

Our team designed and built a visually stunning, mobile responsive e-commerce website, that is easy to navigate, and makes tool purchases intuitively simple, no matter what device you're using.

In addition to digital design, our creative team worked closely with Kutzall's leadership to produce all of their traditional print advertisements and tradeshow materials.


Rather than using cold product shots on a sterile background, we knew that the images to resonate with Kutzall's customers; we had to show their tools in use in their natural environment.

Our photography team setup a fully functional wood shop in our office and photographed Kutzall's complete product line in action and on display. The results of our photo shoot were remarkable images that supported the craftsman lifestyle and could be used across their website and traditional advertisements.

Copy Writing

Retooling Kutzall's website meant that we had to create all of their page copy from the ground up. Using the consumer insight data that we unearthed in our deep dive discovery phase, our team analyzed the responses that we received from each customer persona category.

We were able to identify unique linguistic characteristics and key motivational forces that helped write strategic page copy that appeals to each profile. We also learned about the art of carving and even worked on carving projects using Kutzall's tools so that we could better write about their products in a way that was transparently honest.

The result of our work is a website rich in quality copy that is strategically written, SEO friendly and speaks to the customer's internal motivations rather than giving them a sales pitch.

Hunch Free invests the time necessary to become deeply rooted in understanding our business and connecting with our customers. They are an essential branch of our sales and marketing team that has allowed us to turn roundtable ideas into exponential results.

Mike Oliver, Vice President



The culmination of our creative services has given Kutzall a new, polished look that accurately portrays the handcrafted lifestyle that they represent. The look and feel of their new brand attributes are not only rich in character and leave behind a lasting impression, everything is intentionally built around an intelligent strategy that is rooted in data science. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you too.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you too