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Conversions up 128% for Machinery Sales Website S&M Machinery

The Challenge

S&M Machinery Sales, one of the Midwest's largest dealers of used manufacturing machinery, was fighting a losing battle with their competitors for web leads and search visibility. Both of these problems stemmed from an extremely outdated website. They contacted Hunch Free to solve this problem.



Increase in Google Search Traffic


Improvement in Site Conversions


Improvement in Conversion Rate

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The Solution

After meeting with the client it became clear that there were two things holding them back, the first being an outdated website with less than stellar usability and of course the lack of proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Website Redesign

In order to rank better and improve conversions, S&M’s website needed a complete overhaul. The old site was cluttered, wouldn’t display on mobile devices, was difficult for users to navigate, didn’t keep track of inventory, and was an overall nightmare for their team to keep updated.

Using our unique Conversion Optimization process, our team immersed ourselves in S&M Machinery’s business process and looked for ways to best integrate the website with their business. We also clocked serious hours on Post-Click Analysis. Using historical performance data, visitor behavior patterns, and some inspiration from advanced product filters found in the used car industry, we were able to construct a solid information architecture that streamlined the overall conversion funnel.

The final product is a fully responsive website built from the ground up with the user experience in mind and compliments S&M’s business process.

Search Engine Optimization

Now that the usability issue was solved with a conversion optimized, mobile-responsive website, we focused our attention on making UsedMachinerySales.com a search engine juggernaut.

Our team performed an intensive SEO audit on the new site and identified ways to make it rank even better. Paying particular attention to technical issues that affect page load times, as well as ensuring the use of proper taxonomy and industry terminology gave us a solid foundation to build on. After that, we used industry best practices to optimize the content and put in place a strategy for new content moving forward. The end result of our SEO efforts was a 103% increase in organic search traffic from Google YoY.

Hunch Free built us a website as well as helped us with SEO, targeted marketing and customer tracking. Excellent company to work with overall. They have a great team of people - each with their own specialty to bring to the table. Looking forward to an ongoing relationship.

Christopher Reimann, Marketing Director

S&M Machinery Sales


The output of our efforts was a mobile responsive, conversion optimized website that is now killing it in relevant search results. If you're wondering just how much of an improvement the new website made, here's some cold, hard data for you:
Organic search traffic increased by 84% with Google traffic increasing by 103%! Site conversions went up by 128% which boosted their conversion rate by 55%. Additionally S&M experienced increases in total sessions by 47%, pages per session by 52%, average session duration by 24% and their bounce rate decreased by 21%.

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