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The Challenge

Nylok is one of those companies that the general public probably hasn't heard of, but everybody has used their products without even knowing it. As the leading innovator in the field of fastener technology, they've been awarded over 150 patents in a field that ensures the planes stay in the sky, your car stays on the road, and your smartphone doesn't fall apart.

We were brought in because their existing website was slow, hard to update and completely non-responsive on mobile devices leading to poor user engagement. At it's most basic level, the purpose of the site is to generate new business leads, so we needed to determine how customers in the industry preferred to consume product information, what their existing lead generation process was, and then help modify their process for collecting and disseminating those leads to the proper members of the sales team.



Increase in Website Goal Completions


Improvement in Conversion Rate

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Custom CRM


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The Solution

Responsive Website Development

First, we went through their existing website with their team and we looked at how it was being used. We knew that we needed to build a fully responsive website that would perform well on all size devices, but the first step was to decide what needed to stay and what needed to go. It's fairly common for a website to grow into a disorganized mess over time, and their site was no exception.

So we built a comprehensive information architecture that organized all of their product information, manufacturing specs, and other technical data into a cohesive and well organized structure. This ensured that the site would be easier to navigate and resulted in more traffic from the search engine optimization that was done.

We spent a lot of time digging into the traffic patterns and performance of their old website, and one of the things we discovered doing post-click analysis was that potential customers were having a hard time finding out where important information was and how to contact a member of the sales team to find out more.

In addition to the improvements in how the content was organized, we added large CTA buttons on all of the product pages and lo and behold leads started pouring in from the website like never before. Our persistent efforts in conversion optimization and UX testing lead to a website that is easy to use and one that generates leads like a well oiled machine.

A mobile app was developed to showcase their products

Mobile App Development

We were also tasked with building an iOS app for their team to be able to showcase their products at trade shows. We worked with their marketing director to determine what the mobile app should do, and then we went about shooting the product photography to be included in the app as it was being built.

With the added emphasis on mobile deep linking by Google, we ensured the product pages within the app https://hunchfree.com/wp-admin/post-new.php?post_type=case_studies&wp-post-new-reload=true# were indexable so that searchers would be prompted to download the app and have it open to the corresponding product - like magic!

Custom CRM Development

Finally, we started the process of what to do with the leads when they come in. With the old website, they simply got an email notification that somebody filled out the contact form and then some poor soul on staff had to try and decipher the email and forward it on to some member of the sales team. This was highly inefficient and resulted in lost business as leads fell through the cracks. Monitoring performance over time was essentially impossible.

To solve this, we worked with them to map out their entire sales process, and then created a customized CRM solution to automatically collect all leads from the website and to notify the proper member of the sales team based on the type of lead that it was. As anybody who has worked with a CRM knows, having all of that historical data in one place makes sales much easier, and the result was an improved sales process for everyone involved.

From our first meeting to the final product, they were professional, enthusiastic, responsive, creative, on-budget and on-target.

Monica Linkner, Owner

Linkner Law


The end result was a fully responsive, high performing website that works seamlessly with their custom CRM to collect and manage leads, as well as an app that really showcases the quality of their products. The numbers speak for themselves:

Goal completions on the website are up 238% and the conversion rate is up 303%!

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