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Gutter Systems of Michigan
Launching a New Company With the Power of PPC!

The Challenge

Gutter Systems of Michigan was founded with the simple goal of providing homeowners with an effective home water management system with quality materials at an affordable price. With so many competitors in the industry from decades-old companies specializing in gutters, to roofing companies and shady fly-by-night contractors - it was important to start strong and send a message to the rest of the industry.

As a new company with no website or business reputation, we had to not only build a highly converting website, but we had to get traffic to it fast and outcompete the established players in the space. This was the type of project we love with a blank slate and a great client to work with.



Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


Higher PPC Visibility Than Competitors


Reduction in Cost Per Lead (from 1st month)


Increase in Organic Search Impressions

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The Solution

Highly Converting Website

Anytime we take on a project, the first thing we do is sit down with the client and try to understand their business. It's easy enough to make a decent looking website, but making a site that converts well is far more difficult. It requires a deep understanding of both the company and their prospective customers. We've developed a project canvas over the years that we use to distill this information down into a document which we use to guide every bit of design, imagery and copy on the site.

It's one thing to get a visitor to your site, but what makes them convert into a customer? This is where the time we spend pre-launch with the client pays off. Using what we learned about their likely customers, we ensured the site was properly structured to segment their visitors and get them to the right part of the website as quickly as possible. The type of person looking for copper gutters is very different form the person needing leaf guards, so the messaging must reflect that.

In the end, the goal is to eliminate barriers. What might prevent a potential customer from reaching out to get a quote on new gutters - cost? Our main Call to Action (CTA) is a FREE Estimate, with 0% financing available as well. Maybe the customer doesn't know what kind of gutter they even need. That's ok, we have a ton of resources on the site that explains everything they need to know. And we wrap it all up with CTA's on every page prompting the user to fill out a quick and easy form for a free estimate, or to call a nice and memorable phone number to get started. The end result is site that moves visitors through the lead funnel and to a sales person as quickly as possible.

PPC - Lead Generation Done Profitably

Having a highly converting website is great, but you need to get visitors to the site for it to work. For a brand new company, we can't rely on Organic traffic, since that takes time. SEO is always a great investment, but it won't help you get a quick jump out of the gate.

To really jump-start the company, we were given a PPC budget with one catch - we had to run a profitable campaign. With this being a "leadgen" website, we were able to get real time data on the effectiveness of our campaigns. Like every PPC client we take on, we make sure we're targeting the right geo/demo etc., but we take it a step further. Every ad we create is A/B tested against another ad. Once we have enough data, we kill the losing ad and create a new challenger. If you're not continually optimizing your campaigns, you're leaving money on the table.

Although we can't share the specifics of the campaign such as placements, budget or bidding strategy, we can say that we have modified the overall strategy more than once, making it more profitable each time. As of the writing of this case study we're seeing at least five dollars come back from every dollar spent on ads. And if you know anything about PPC, you know those kinds of results are not easy to come by.

Hunch Free was paramount in helping Gutter Systems of Michigan (GSM) successfully go to market. They developed a beautiful, user-friendly website that will allow us to grow, adapt and set ourselves apart for years to come. They also developed and managed a successful PPC strategy that resulted in a highly profitable ROI. In every project they were incredibly responsive and went above and beyond. We wholeheartedly recommend Hunch Free!

Marie Lamberson, Senior Marketing Associate

Gutter Systems of Michigan


Launching a new company is always tough, but we were able to help them get traction by building a highly converting website, and then driving qualified leads to their sales team.

The team at GSM has been great to work with, providing us enough industry knowledge to be effective while letting us do what we do best. As we continue to drive down the cost per lead and increase the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), we expect to strike fear in the hearts of their competitors for a long time to come.

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