If your digital marketing agency doesn’t have it’s finger on the pulse of the interwebs, your brand will always be the new kid in school. Kinda awkward, wearing clothes that were in fashion last year, still trying to get laughs by saying everything needs “more cowbell”. Noooobody wants to be that guy. Do you think you’ll get better results this year using last year’s tactics? Your web marketing strategy needs to be fluid, ever-evolving and damn near perfect if you want to connect with your audience and convert them into customers.

A digital marketing agency that understands this will continually offer new services as those services develop, and discontinue tactics that won’t bring MAXIMUM results. In case you haven’t been following the news on planet Nerdtron, Microsoft’s Bing is supposedly in talks with Facebook. The details are sketchy, but speculation from on high whispers that the two are trying to organize search results by Likeablity instead of Linkability. For digital marketing agencies that create pure awesomeness such as ourselves, this buzz is incredible.

For those thinking Google’s search domination is indomitable, this news should be very sobering. The 8th immutable law of marketing states that in the long run, every market becomes a two horse race. In recent times it’s often been pointed out that Google is the exception to this rule. Since as of this writing the GOOG is only 11 years old…I often wonder what long run means to these people. Regardless of the medium, the message is always the same: if you’re running behind, you’ll never be able to stop running. Plan accordingly people.

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