Find a bean bag and a juice box, it’s reading time! Internet powerhouse Google and illustrator Christoph Niemann teamed up to produce this friendly book. It’s called 20 Things I Learned, and like, Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret, it’s here to answer some core questions about life as we know it. These include […]

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Internet, how I love thee. Feeling random? Like slang and pictures? This site delivers. OMGWTFBBQ, yes, that’s right, OMGWTFBBQ, is a live mashup of Urban Dictionary terms juxtaposed against corresponding Google images. This site pulls content from the bowels of the Internet so it may be totally offensive, NSFW or the kids, but hey, it’s […]

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Hello Internet friends! Though I always strive to bring you the brightest and best Internet goodies, this morning I was dooped by Buzzfeed! Oh my goodness, I’m still reeling from the madness that is this collection of insane YouTube Channels. People are amazing beings — that’s for sure. I’ve got some laughing and/or crying to […]

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